The Lion Dance Clinic

SOCCA is hosting a Lion Dance Clinic to establish an ongoing dance troupe of youth and young adults to perform the Lion Dance for the annual SOCCA Chinese New Year’s Celebration parade. Expert Alan Fong will teach an annual 2 day clinic each fall for students wishing to perform the traditional Lion Dance in the annual Chinese New Year Celebration parade. His instruction will include the cultural and historical significance of the Lion Dance. The clinic will be videotaped for student performers to use for weekly practice, which will be held from January thru February, culminating in their performance in the annual Chinese New Year’s parade. This is a unique opportunity for engagement of our youth to appreciate and perform this iconic performance art. The Oregon Community Foundation and Jackson County Cultural Coalition are the two supporters of the Lion Dance Clinic. In partnership with Confucius Classroom at St Mary’s School, the Lion Dance Clinic will be held this January 10, 2015. alan-fong-drummerAlan Fong grew up in Sunnyvale, CA. Professionally he owns and operates a company that imports ski and snowboard wear from Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. Alan's expertise is in drumming, a musically and physically challenging task for any lion or dragon dance. It sets the tone and gives directions to the lion and dragon dancers while they perform The following is what he says about how he got involved with lion dancing: "My experience with Lion Dancing started when I was a child of around 10 years of age. I learned from my father whom learned from his father. This has been passed down from generation to generation. Currently my home group is the Orchard Schools Asian Cultural Dance Troupe where I also serve as a Board of Trustee member for the school district as well. My goal is to pass this cultural tradition down to the children of tomorrow."